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Audio Exclusive: Ideate’s Richard Taylor discusses barriers for software companies

A special Monday edition of Crunch Time will arrive on BIMcrunch next week, and our Editor Jack White will speak with Boston-based designer and AEC software aficionado, Richard Taylor. Currently based at Ideate Software, Technical Evangelist Richard shares details of Ideate’s three plug-ins for Autodesk Revit, and how their solutions solve problems that other products simply do not. Elsewhere in the interview, Richard reflects on his near 30 year career, discussing industry events he has attended and his opinions on their importance and relevance, and giving an insight into working for two of BIM’s biggest names – Autodesk and Bentley. In a preview clip below, Richard gives his thoughts on the reluctance of some in the industry to invest in software. Even once companies have decided to begin implementation of BIM, some resist the need to purchase more technical solutions, believing that their home software portal will provide all their problem solvers, and if it doesn’t, the creator..

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Best BIM Bad BIM: Fiona Moore

Answered from either a personal or industry-viewpoint perspective, Best BIM Bad BIM sees a member of the #GlobalBIMCrew divulge their best and worst BIM experiences and what they have learned from both. Today’s interviewee is Fiona Moore, BIM Consultant at Cirrus Consultant Services. Fiona is a diversely-skilled and multi-talented professional with the Building Information Modelling community, regularly carrying out strategic BIM consultancy in addition to BIM Training and the management and writing of BIM bid documentation for clients. What is Fiona’s Best BIM experience and what does she believe the industry is doing best at the moment? I love my job as a BIM consultant; helping organisations big and small with their BIM journey, be they client or supplier, I aim to play my small part in improving the construction industry, by helping to create not only financial, but also social value. What encourages me when it comes to suppliers is, that for some, BIM is ceasing to be somethin..

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Crunch Time: Richard Taylor

The #GlobalBIMCrew are known for being an incredibly lively, sociable and helpful group of people who love to discuss their experiences within the Building Information Modelling sector whilst attending a plethora of nationwide BIM events. How would you like to get to know even more about your fellow BIM enthusiasts and experts? Crunch Time will let you learn more about your fellow industry members professionally, as well we as personally when they answer fun questions against the clock. Boston-based Technical Evangelist for Ideate Software, Richard Taylor is this week’s interviewee. Richard shares details of Ideate’s three plug-ins for Autodesk Revit, and how their solutions solve problems that other products simply do not. Richard compares plug-ins like Ideate BIMLink, Ideate Explorer and Ideate Sticky for BIM software platforms to apps for smartphones; whilst a smartphone comes with various unique applications for various methods, they cannot do everything that everyone is looking f..

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WATCH – John McCall Architects use BIM to create home with £۱۵ per year energy bill

Credit: John McCall Architects Building Information Modelling is notorious for helping achieve sustainability not only on-site, but also during the management of a project once developed. A home in The Wirral, UK objectifies that plus point in bucket loads. Liverpool-based architecture practice John McCall Architects created a home for one of the company’s Directors Colin Usher. The dwelling has four bedrooms and cost £240,000. The Passivhaus design is obviously eco-friendly, utilising the likes of solar panels and a air-to-water air source heat pump (ASHP). The best part about the home? It costs just £15 per year to run. We haven’t misplaced a 0. BIM was utilised to ensure that Mr Usher had the best tool in-front of him to assist with the build and measure the best ways to proceed. Orientation, insulation, air tightness and thermal mass were all taken into account, with the model used to ensure those factors were at the forefront of each decision made throughout the lifecycle of t..

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Schneider Electric team with ARCHE 5 for French laboratory BIM project

Credit: Schneider Electric Schneider Electric‘s French division have announced plans for two new offices and a laboratory. Batirama reports Building Information Modelling processes will be utilised on the project, which will be designed by ARCHE 5. The construction of the Grenoble-based, LEED Platinum certified buildings will begin in mid-2016, with a 2018 delivery date forecast. Autodesk Revit is the design tool of choice, following Schneider’s ‘Memorandum of Understanding’ signing with Autodesk. As part of that agreement, the facilities management stage of the project will be intensively researched by both parties. Dynamic thermal analysis will be conducted by Swedish company EQUA, who will utilise their IDA ICE product for this process once the Revit model is exported to IFC format. It also reported that the project will be used as a pilot for future collaborations with Autodesk to develop their procedures. The all-important, valuable results will be ready in two years when 1..

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Infrastructure Australia recommend BIM mandate for large-scale projects

Is Australia one step closer towards a nationwide Building Information Modelling mandate? The answer appears to be yes, at least in relation to infrastructure projects. Independent statutory body Infrastructure Australia released its new 15-year plan earlier today, and BIM is highlighted as a recommendation to “encourage strategic and integrated planning” and as a way of “pursuing best practice procurement and delivery”, that’s according to IA’s Chairman, Mark Birrell. The Fifth Estate reports that Infrastructure Australia’s plan of action details four aspirations: productive cities, productive regions; efficient infrastructure markets; sustainable and equitable infrastructure; and better decisions and better delivery. Increasing productivity, sustainability and efficiency? Sounds like a job for BIM processes to manage. Looking at the report itself, appropriate guidance and the creation of common standards are steps listed to get the ball rolling relating to BIM: “Governments shou..

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WATCH – The B1M release three videos from their Constructing Content event

Credit: The B1M How can the world of construction tap into the online video market that so many sectors such as news, music, comedy, gaming, beauty, food & drink and television are benefiting from? A recent event hosted by The B1M aimed to demonstrate just that. Held in conjunction with YouTube at Google’s London HQ, Constructing Content is the first annual event of its kind, highlighting the capabilities and possibilities of visual content online to construction professionals, with a preference for how that can apply to Building Information Modelling. Three videos recorded at the event have been uploaded to YouTube, and feature the B1M’s Co-Founders Fred Mills and Tom Payne, and Siobhan Freegard OBE, the Founder of Netmums. The elephant in the article may be questioning knowledge that Siobhan has relating to construction, but it is in fact the knowledge and expertise she demonstrated regarding video content that was invaluable gold dust to those in attendance, and will be inspiri..

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Best BIM Bad BIM: Brent Rees

Answered from either a personal or industry-viewpoint perspective, Best BIM Bad BIM sees a member of the #GlobalBIMCrew divulge their best and worst BIM experiences and what they have learned from both. Following on from sharing his thoughts with us in audio format at Digital Construction Week 2015, today’s interviewee is Brent Rees, Senior Architectural Technologist and BIM Manager at Ridge & Partners. Brent, who is also BIM Champion at the Oxford BIM Region, discusses the AEC industry’s brilliance at creating platforms for professionals to share their experiences. What does Brent think industry is practising Best at the moment? I believe UK construction is excelling at a few things under the umbrella of BIM at the moment, but the standout aspect for me is the number of established platforms available to discuss, debate, promote, learn, and develop a digital culture for our multi-faceted industry. Ranging from the numerous BIM 4 communities, to the BIM2050 Group amongst many other..

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GEO Business 2017 announce over 70% of exhibition space sold

After the most successful GEO Business show to date, with over 2,200 visitors from a staggering 50 countries, the organisers are delighted to announce that over 70% of the exhibit space for 2017 has already been booked! Show director, Caroline Hobden, commented on the success of the show: “The overwhelming response to the third GEO Business has been phenomenal, both in feedback from exhibitors and visitors and also in the response to launching stand sales. Past exhibitors were given just two weeks to rebook their stand. The majority confirmed straight away and since then, new requests have been flooding in, leaving no doubt that GEO Business 2017 will sell out well in advance.” It is not surprising then, that next year’s event is so highly anticipated, as the feedback from GEO Business 2016 was overwhelming. 95% of exhibitors and 99% of visitors surveyed rated the show as excellent or good. Gavin Malyon, Survey Delivery & Excellence Manager, Atkins, commented: “A growing ‘must atten..

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The original BIM show returns for 2017

After taking a year out in 2016, the original BIM Show Live is set to return next year. It promises to come back with a BIM-bang and deliver far beyond our expectations in the world of digital construction. Having previously been held in both London and Manchester, all those involved felt it was time to bring the show home to its North Eastern roots, where the ideas for the show first began. Newcastle city centre will be the host to BIM Show Live on Wednesday 1 and Thursday 2 February 2017. The show was first launched back in 2011 and over the past five years has grown into one of the most trusted information-sharing platforms for BIM. Next years’ show is taking things back-to-basics and re-visit the initial objective of the show – an event focused on technology. Concentrating not only on the processes and the people behind digital construction, but the success stories and who has truly embraced the BIM-benefits and what this means to their organisations, people and projects. One o..

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